Coffee Buzz and Martinis

My friend Angee came over tonight thanks to OU football. Seems that when the Sooners kick-off her husband talks (yells) at the TV and she bolts out the door as quickly as possible. We were happy she made a beeline for our house this time. Angee and I always hang out together pretty easily. We find entertainment in just about anything. Tonight it was blogging and cocktails and at times I thought our computers might fall victim to a spilled martini.

The computers came through just fine. Nate cooked while we talked and planned our drink recipes. I think Nate was really impressed by our matching white computers sitting at the island overlooking his kingdom.

The first drink we made was somewhat of a failure. We rimmed a martini glass with sugar and cinnamon, which ended up being the best part of this drink in my opinion. We then added vodka, amaretto, frangelico, sweet and sour and a lemon. There’s no need to list how much of each because it was way too sweet. It tasted a little bit like Snickerdoodle cookies because of the cinnamon and sugar rim, but then again it was a little bit like a Sweet Tart. Either way, it wasn’t too good and we didn’t drink it.


The next drink was a lot better. If pressed, I would probably call it “Swamp Water”.  It had Orange Juice, Vanilla Vodka, Blue Curacao and maybe some Bailey’s Irish Cream. The best part of this drink was the pretty blue-green color. We shared this and only drank about half of it.


Angee then made the best drink I’ve had in a long while. It’s an Espresso Martini. It may keep me up all night since I was chasing it with iced tea. However, it’s delicious and pretty easy to make if you have a coffee percolator.


Here’s how we made it:


2 Ounces Espresso (Angee says you can make your own or pick up a few shots of the strong stuff at Starbucks)

1 ½ Ounces of Vanilla Vodka

1 ½ Ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 Tablespoon of Chocolate Syrup


Drizzle chocolate syrup in a martini glass. Shake the ingredients with ice in a drink shaker and pour.


It was dreamy. The best part is that it’s not too sweet. We shared it and finished it!  But watch out on for the caffeine rush. Nate only had a sip and he’s sound asleep while I’m watching bad TV wishing I had another Espresso Martini!

Angee is also going to blog this recipe so you can also see this at



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